15 Reasons Independent Artists Should Go On Tour

Martin Atkins gives you his 15 reasons why independent artists should go on tour. He has written a great book about touring called Tour:Smart. It tells you everything you need to know about life on the road as a touring musician. Independent artists should go on tour because:

1. People are more likely to check out your website if they see you're coming to town.

2. Promoters are more likely to give you a gig if you are performing in other parts of the country.

3. People write about things that happened at shows they went to, not shows that didn’t happen…

4. Your manager may prioritize you over a better band because you're working harder.

5. You can tell your label where the best responses, crowds, sound-systems, and promoters are.

6. Your agent will pay more attention if you show him you're prepared to perform 7 shows a week.

7. The record store (if you can find one) is more likely to stock your music and put up a poster.

8. Local bloggers and newspapers are more likely to review your CD or mention your show.

9. You can leave behind promotional t-shirts and posters to leave your mark.

10. Your album will be better because you’ll have direct, immediate feedback from a live audience.

11. It is a great opportunity to triumph over your shyness and polish your people meeting skills.

12. This is something YOU can do while waiting for others to fulfill promises.

13 You are creating more of your own content, audio, video, etc.

14. The more you play, the better you get!

15. You can meet great, enthusiastic people who can help you next time around.

Martin Atkins

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